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28-September-2015 15:06
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If you are a magician, make sure you look out for Nick's Penguin Live! Lecture. Available NOW from Penguin Magic and direct from this website very soon.

If you are not a magician, ignore this message and pretend you never saw it please.


"Nick Einhorn is one of busiest pros in the business. He exudes class and always leaves his audiences amazed, amused and in awe with his ingenious methods with hard hitting and entertaining effects." -Marvin Berglas

"Nick is one of the best. His thinking is always brilliant and his material is utterly dependable and real world." - Andy Nyman

“Nick’s creativity and attention to detail is incredible - I love his stuff!” - Nigel Mead, Producer, Writer and Head Magic Consultant for ITV 2’s award-winning show Tricked

"Yes, he is a good friend, but Nicholas is also one of the most creative magicians I know. I don't brainstorm with many people, but he is someone whose advice I will always seek out and, invariably, go with.” - Jon Allen


The reviews are in.......

Verified buyer Anonymous from Australia on October 6th, 2015
Nick is a great magician and the lecture was tops! Lots of workable material - no pipe dreams just solid magic. I'd put this in my top five penguin live lectures so far.
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Some good magic
Verified buyer Jon Wilson from Phoenix, AZ on October 6th, 2015
Some good magic here the only reason i gave 4 stars is because I wont be using most of the magic i learned here. although there are a few good points and tips that i would add to my routines.
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I don't often write reviews...but
Verified buyer CJ from Philadelphia, PA on October 6th, 2015
This lecture was excellent. I own a lot of these Penguin lectures (which are absolutely fantastic) and this was the first one I actually got to catch live. Mr. Einhorn was incredible, there were at least 4 things I could see myself using, and one I've already used to great success in front of my family! And that was only the first time watching! His knowledge and insight into each effect was clearly articulated, and his ideas about creativity really got me thinking. Overall, it was a fantastic lecture, one of my favorites!
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Amazing filled with workers!
Verified buyer Patrick Torres from Marseille, France on October 7th, 2015
Nick's lecture was of the highest caliber. 
There was a lot for me to take from it. There is a bit for everyone in there. Mentalism, closeup, parlor and stage. 
It's not all new, but what is great is to see the improvement Nick added to some of the effects. 
I will definitely use several of the effects on the lecture!
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