Wayne offers top quality close up magic for weddings, corporate functions, product launches and other prestigious events. He also markets a range of unique and amazing magic tricks to magicians around the world.

He has been a professional magician for over twenty five years. He is proud member of the world famous Magic Circle. and in 2015 he was recognised for his contribution to the magical arts by the highest authorities. The President of The Magic Circle awarded him the title of ‘Member of The Inner Magic Circle’. In addition Wayne also received the coveted ‘Gold Star’ for his elite level of performance.

His flawless close-up magic is a combination of sleight of hand, unbelievable misdirection and psychological suggestion. This is the ideal icebreaker for your event which may start with entertainment during the reception drinks and Wayne performing magic for your guests as they mingle in anticipation, prior to the meal.

During the meal Wayne will perform an elite demonstration of slight of hand which will result in pockets of applause around the room, generating a great atmosphere at your event. Wayne will make his way around each table, in between the courses, performing the type of magic live, that you have only ever seen on television.

After dinner, prior to dancing the night away you could treat your guests to a sophisticated Parlour Show or After Dinner Cabaret.

Wayne’s shows are performances that usually last around 30 minutes, involving audience participation with an extraordinary finalé to set the pace of your evening.

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