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Albert Goshman was well known for his ****** balls.

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Very Practical Stuff You'll Probably Want To Do!

7 Routines for the working magician:

Unicorn Coin in Bottle - A whole routine incorporating the bottle's appearance and vanish!

Tran$pose - A Chinese coin with a hole transposes with a 1/2 Dollar in a myriad of impossible ways.

Universal Book Test - Predict a word chosen at random from any paperback novel.

Watch Match - A time prediction using two borrowed watches.

Signature Triumph - The classic Triumph effect with a KILLER ending.

ESPectaular - Is it possible to see with your fingertips? Use this method for Trade Shows, Kids Shows or Mentalism Shows.

Co-Op - My variation of the Al Leech classic Chigago Opener. A favourite opener of mine.