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Thought Xtractor

THOUGHT Xtractor

There are several different ways to perform Thought Xtractor.

Effect 1

A participant choose or provides any paperback book from any bookcase.

The performer flicks through the pages and the participant stops at a genuinely random spot in the book.

They look at the first word and you reveal it. Or they can change that word into an image and then you can proceed to perform a drawing duplication.

If you so wish, you can also predict this word or picture in advance.

Effect 2

A second participant stops at another genuinely random spot in the book. They look at any word they can see. You proceed to reveal it.

Effect 3

You display two books. A participant chooses one, then stops at a genuinely random spot in that book and calls out the page number. This page number is then turned to in the other book. You are able to reveal as many details of that page as you wish, including words, images or story lines.