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Albert Goshman was well known for his ****** balls.

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ANY hardback book is casually flicked through by your spectator and ANY page is stopped at. ANY word is looked at and remembered, the book is snapped shut.

While you turn away the thought of word is written down on any piece of paper. (napkin etc) the paper is rolled up into a ball.

WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS, fishing or guidance you name out loud one word.

The paper is unrolled it says the word you NAMED, the word they chose at random.

* Can be performed with a different book each and every time if you wish.
* ALWAYS a different word.
* Complete with gimmick that fits any hardback book.
* Dvd includes Mark Mason's excellent tapping move plus other subtleties.
* NO Adding Numbers to Force Words, Lines or Pages!!
* NO Memory Work, Questions or Fishing of Any Kind!

You no longer need to spend a fortune to convince people you can read their mind.

This stunning feat of mental magic is just £12.99 + £1.00 postage

Delivery anywhere in UK (Please check for international shipping charges)