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Albert Goshman was well known for his ****** balls.

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World Tour Lecture Notes - SET TWO

Since 2004 Nick has given lectures at magic societies and conventions in over 12 countries around the world. Set 2 of 3 booklets contains some powerful, hard hitting practical routines for close-up and cabaret performers.


The contents include:

Carat & Shtick - A bit of business which guarantees a laugh and a moment of surprise.

Gold Rush - An original and practical routine for the classic Ring Flight.

Fingertip Silk Vanish - A super clean handling which uses the lesser known Finger Tip rather than T.T.

X-Change - Breath new life into your Bill Switch routine.

FISM Force - A visual and clever force of an item from a list.

Bottle Production - A clever way to produce not one but TWO bottles.

Daughter of all Book Tests - This was the forerunner to Nick's extremely successful marketed item WORD IN A MILLION.

Triple Number Prediction - 'If you wan to hide something, publish it'. Nick fooled a theatre of magicians at The Magic Circle with this.

3rd Hand Telepathy - Imagine a giant nail writer using a thick marker pen. This method has quite a few applications.

Hoopla! - Why walk on stage when you can appear there by magic? A cheap, easy to make production of anyone.

Generally Speaking - A short, though provoking essay on performing magic for a living.