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World Tour Lecture Notes - SET ONE

Since 2004 Nick has given lectures at magic societies and conventions in over 12 countries around the world. Set 1, of 3 booklets, contains some powerful, hard hitting practical routines for close-up performers.



The contents include:


A Breath of Fresh Air - Simple, direct and ultra-fair location of a chosen card using the Breather Crimp


Brainwaved - A no-gaff version of the Invisible Deck


Any Card @ Any Number - Nick’s handling and method for the holy grail of magic.


Pseudo-Expo - A flourish with a twist.


Nick’s Flick - Nick’s method of firing a card from a deck, boomerang style.


The Martini Deck - An easy to make gimmicked deck that allows any card stopped at to have a different back colour/design to all of the others.


Hidden Influence - A wonderful prediction effect with a pack of cards.


Unshuffled – Trade Show Style -  Nick’s ‘trade-show’ handling of Paul Gertner’s classic miracle, Unshuffled.


PERFORMING CLOSE-UP MAGIC FOR MONEY - An essay packed full of hints, tips, and advice for performing magic commercially.